About Us

Bensheilaconcepts is an online retailer of high-quality computers from abroad. Establishing confidence for secondhand devices is our goal.


Making used technology purchases fully risk- and stress-free is our vision and goal. We started off selling used laptops, but we’ll soon be selling other devices as well.


Expert engineers carefully inspect our goods to ensure that they are in peak operating condition, and we back them up with services to ensure the security of what you buy from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I have to change my order?

Create an account, log in to the dashboard for my account, and alter your purchase. Additionally, you may contact us through email at support@bensheilaconcepts .com, WhatsApp at +234 703 464 6353 , Please attempt to accomplish this before processing your order.

How can I receive a refund?

To request a refund, log in to your account or contact support via email at support@bensheilaconcepts.com or WhatsApp at +234 703 464 6353 Refunds are provided for canceled purchases within one business day, with processing fees deducted.

Is same-day delivery an option?

Currently, same-day delivery is not available. Why? since double checking products before sending them out is a standard part of our operation. We handle deliveries in 1 business day as well.

What if I have to change my address?

To update your order or seek assistance, log in to your account or reach out via email at support@bensheilaconcepts.com or WhatsApp at +234 703 464 6353. It is advisable to do so prior to processing your order.

How can I log in if my password is lost?

Simply click the reset password button on the login page and complete the steps. Ideally, you will get a password reset link over email.

What happens to my private information?

Your personal information is solely used by us to fulfill orders and improve your online experience. Want to learn more about our policy on data privacy?